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UTA Public Safety Course


Course Information

This Safety Course is meant to provide an overview of UTA Safety, UTA Transit Police, Fares and Policies.

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You can take the Course on Desktop Computers, Laptops or Tablets. Cell Phones/Smart Phones will not work properly.  Use of a cell phone/smart phone will not save your course completion and you will not receive credit for it! You can use Windows or Mac devices and it will work with Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. For Desktop computers you will need at least a 19 inch monitor.

You will also need speakers to listen and participate in the Course. The Course is about 45 minutes long.

Course Quiz and Completion

The Course has four sections. Each section has a short quiz. You must answer each question correctly to advance. Once you complete each section a Receive Credit button will appear. Once you click on the Receive Credit button you will receive credit for the Course and you will automatically exit.

If you answer a question incorrectly you will automatically jump back to the place in the Course that talks about the correct answer. Once you review the page with the correct answer you will automatically jump back to the question to re-enter your answer. Once you answer the question correctly you will be able to continue with the Course.

Once you complete the course you will be given a Certificate number. Please write it down. It is your verification that you have completed the course and receive credit for it.


If you are having difficulties you can call: (801) RIDE-UTA (743-3882)

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